Somebody Is Selling a Provel Cheese Popsicle So St. Louis Is Canceled Forever

Sep 26, 2019 at 2:58 pm
We are guilty of many crimes against food here in St. Louis, but the edible invention is just unforgivable.

Poptimism, the ice pop truck that all of the city was excited to try this summer, is selling this Provel-flavored popsicle at Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop (2201 Cherokee Street, 314-932-5166) and it was available last weekend at St. Louis Square Off - The St. Louis Style Pizza Festival on the Hill.

In a post announcing the abomination, it is described by Poptimism as “way better than you’d think. We made a provel ice cream base and added some honey, which created a cheesecake-like pop that tastes like home.”

We’re usually behind anything that the good people of Whisk want to do, but this crosses a line. It’s bad enough that we put this processed cheese on some dough and dare to call it pizza (it’s more like lotion on top of saltines) but to take this “cheese” and use it as inspiration for a popsicle is unconscionable.

Remember when bread-sliced bagels were the source of national embarrassment? Now we’re going to be shamed again when the outside world finds out about this. What’s next, toasted ravioli macaroons? Okay, that would be kind of cute but don’t go getting any ideas, Whisk.

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