Soup vs. Dog Food #7

We don't know about you, but Gut Check finds it a tad...concerning...that while we're heating up a bowl of condensed chicken and stars, we're feeding our pups canned cuisine in varieties like "filet mignon," "rotisserie chicken" and "grilled steak and eggs." Yeah, yeah, we love our dogs -- forever friends and all that -- but why the hell does their food look better than our soup?

Yesterday's photo, as an overwhelming majority of you guessed, was dog food. Our bleak attempt to poke around the vegetables in order to make them look more prominent in the meaty pile was to no avail. You guys are good! It was Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy: London Grill & Wholesome Veggie Accents.

OK. We know National Soup Month technically ended yesterday, but we still have two more guesses for you to make. Click through to take a stab at our next photo. Is it dog food or soup?

Soup vs. Dog Food #7
Julia Gabbert

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