Sprout Recall Hits Illinois Farm Despite Lack of Evidence.

Dec 29, 2010 at 7:00 am
The Los Angeles Times reports yet another alfalfa sprout salmonella contamination scare. This time the sprouts are from Tiny Greens Organic Farm in nearby Urbana, Illinois. Farm owner Bill Bagby Jr. said that samples tested from his farm were clean. The FDA's results are the same, but interviews with a few people sickened by sprouts show they might have come from the farm. The FDA and CDC continue investigating.

Slashfood has the scoop on the latest irate fast food customer to go nuts in a store. A Sandusky, Ohio, McDonald's faced the wrath of a man pissed off because his fries were too cold. There are conflicting reports, some saying the customer got verbally abusive, others claiming the customer went after employees with a mop.

Real chefs not only do the food better than fast foodies; they also fight better. Eater has a round-up of the year in chef crime. From a former Food Network chef's conviction of murder-for-hire, to a strip club brawl over the use of non-local pork in an Oregon pork festival, these guys makes a tantrum over fries seem mild.

Maybe next year's crime round-up will include a shivving over Mangalista. The New York Times predicts the curly-haired Hungarian hogs to be the next "It" pig. Someone will surely disagree.