SpudMaster Founder Receives Probation, "Shock" Jail Time for Pot Operation

Remember Edward Pilla? He owned the Bellflower, Missouri-based company that produced Spudmaster CollosalChips. He also grew marijuana in his house.

A lot of marijuana.

When police raided the home of Pilla and his wife Juli in the fall of 2009, they found a sophisticated growing operation and marijuana with an estimated street value of $30,000.

In today's Post-Dispatch, Susan Weich reports that their day of reckoning has arrived: Both Pillas have received probation. Each will also serve brief jail terms, Ed for 60 days, Juli for twenty.

Though neither husband nor wife spoke with Weich, the reporter did speak with Ed's lawyer, who claims a Breaking Bad-esque motive behind the crime, with the pot intended to help the Pillas get out of debt.

According to Weich's report, the Pillas sold Spudmaster a week before the sentencing.
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