Square One Brewery to Add Distillery

Dec 2, 2008 at 11:14 am

Steve Neukomm, owner of Square One Brewery in Lafayette Square, says his craft brewery is about to begin micro-distilling vodkas, liqueurs, aquavits, whiskeys, gins.... "You name it," he says. "We've been licensed to do it since August 15, but we just got in the still, and should be up and going in about two weeks."  

The first drink to come on tap in January: a winter spirit made with pure Vermont maple syrup and whiskey.

Neukomm and head brewer John Whitte also expect to refurbish the cocktail list with liquors infused with fresh fruits and spices. 

Square One -- now officially known as the Square One Brewery & Distillery -- will be offering the spirits at the bar and for take-home purchase. Neukomm adds that he's talking to Augusta glass-blower Sam Stang about creating a line of high-end bottles for some of the new liquor.

- Kristen Hinman

Photo: www.squareonebrewery.com