Square Study Answers the Question "How Well Does the Average Missourian Tip?"

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Courtesy Square
Courtesy Square

Square has released some data culled from its digital-payment app -- co-founded by St. Louis' own Jack Dorsey -- on how well and how often customers tip. As you can imagine, Square makes it super easy to tip (no math required!), and yet no state had more than 62 percent of customers add a tip. Just how does Missouri measure up?

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Well, we're not the worst. The average tip size in the Show-Me State is 16.5 percent -- Delaware rounded out the bottom at 14 percent (ouch), and Alaska is the most generous at 17 percent. Plus, only an average of 57.2 percent of Missourians even leave a tip. Yikes!

There has been somewhat of a discussion in the past few years about whether or not diners should tip anymore. Critics argue that it doesn't support better service, and hardworking servers often get stiffed by stingy customers.

What do you think? Should restaurants institute a no-tipping policy? Let us know in the comments, and check out the full infographic below created for Square by Quartz.

Courtesy Square
Courtesy Square

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