St. Louis Earth Day 2012: The Slideshow

Apr 24, 2012 at 10:00 am
St. Louis Earth Day 2012: The Slideshow
Ettie Berneking

Getting ready for Earth Day 2012 we were sure that with all that hoopla flooding Forest Park, there was bound to be an equal amount of garbage: a sea of half-eaten corn dogs, stale nachos, melted cotton candy and crumpled paper cups. Turns out we were wrong. Those pesky Earth Day volunteers had set up dozens of recycling, composting stations around every vendor and 100-year-old tree in the park. Shocked, we called up Cassandra Hage with Earth Day St. Louis again to see where the crew was hiding everyone's trash.

As it turns out, last year's celebration brought out an estimated 30,000 festival-goers and most of that trash was composted or recycled -- 2,100 pounds, just over one ton, was recycled and 1,520 pounds of park waste was composted. But even without the gross trash pics we were able to follow the luring aromas of fried foods and get a few shots of all the delicious bites that were being cowed down.

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