St. Louis Kids Served Parasite-Contaminated Fruit Cups

Jul 22, 2010 at 7:00 am

Some children in a St. Louis federally-funded summer lunch program were served fruit cups contaminated with parasites. In a press release from the city's Department of Health, the meals were provided by Preferred Meal Systems. So far no one has become ill, and it's unclear how many children might be affected.

CNN takes a deeper look at the farming background of Shirley Sherrod, the recently ousted USDA director of Rural Development in Georgia. She was raised farming corn, peanuts, cotton, cucumbers, hogs, cows and goats until her father was murdered by a white farmer over a property dispute when she was 17. Her story includes a 50-year history of race relations in agriculture.

Chocolate is a health food. Hershey's says so. The Los Angeles Times reports that the chocolate giant has released a study where 70% of dietitians recommend eating up to 100 calories of chocolate a day. This week Hershey's joined other healthy food proponents Coke, Pepsi, and Mars as a sponsor of the American Dietetic Association. "The Sustainable Food blog got to the heart of the issue: 'If the world's largest group of nutrition professionals is in bed with junk food giants like Pepsi and Mars, how can consumers believe any of the organization's dietary advice?' Instead, the blog suggested that "folks can get better dietary direction from a fortune cookie."

Esquire marks the release of the film Salt by taking a look at other women named after food. Even though Salt was originally a male character.