Study By Domino's Says Domino's is Better Pizza than Competitors of Domino's

Domino's wants you to know that its pizza is better-tasting now. Really.
Domino's wants you to know that its pizza is better-tasting now. Really.
All jokes aside, Domino's Pizza issued the news this week -- just a few days before the Super Bowl, mind you -- that its pizza is the best when compared to fellow mega-chains Papa John's and Pizza Hut.

"We listened to our consumers. They told us to we did. Now, they've told us we're better than we used to be -- and better than our competition. We think that's really cool," said President of Domino's USA, Patrick Doyle, in a press release.

The "changed" pizza Doyle refers to has been branded as "inspired" by the company and "features new sauce, cheese and garlic-seasoned crust."

(Note from Ian: That crust leaves this strange, sandy material on your hands. Is it edible? I sure as hell hope so....)

Gushy, canned quotes from executives aside, the company states it conducted "an independent, blind taste test of nearly 1,800 random pizza consumers from eight U.S. markets.

"In head-to-head comparisons, participants picked each of the Domino's pizzas as tasting better than both Papa John's and Pizza Hut by a wide margin."

Details about the study are unimportant here. Who's got time to fliffer-fluffer over consumer statistics and sample groups when there's pizza to be eaten? OMG, I call the last slice!

Now then, since Super Bowl Sunday is pretty much the pizza-delivery holiday of the year, the timing of this Domino's press release and study is pretty dubious, but we all knew that going into this, didn't we? Domino's officials say they expect to deliver 9 million slices (or 1,125,000 8-slice pizzas) on Super Bowl Sunday.

A press release from Domino's states:
Surrounded by this excitement, Domino's still has even more to look forward to as the company approaches the kickoff of its biggest night on the calendar this Sunday. "Our stores and team members always look forward to the big game, and get about as amped up as the players themselves," said Russell Weiner, Domino's Chief Marketing Officer.  "With the momentum created by our new pizza and beating our two national competitors, this is sure to be our biggest game day yet - and we couldn't be more excited to deliver over 9 million slices of pizza this Sunday."    
But as experienced consumers already know-- the preferred way to choose a mega pizza chain is by its marketing. Examples below.

Is the Domino's Noid the best pizza mascot?


Or, does the short-lived Pizza Head Show campaign represent pizza marketing's finest hour?

Perhaps the new Papa John's original pizza-delivery car is the most gripping, with its throwback to the the founder's humbler days.
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