Study: St. Louis Is Nation's 36th Most Caffeinated City

The website Bundle has released a study that purports to have determined the country's most caffeinated cities. Yes, there is a slideshow accompanying the study. No, this isn't straight-up Huffington Post-style linkbait.

According to Bundle, Chicago is America's most caffeinated city, with its residents spending 2.94 times more on coffee than the national average. New York City ranks second, and Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles round out the top five.

St. Louis, meanwhile, ranks 36th of the 97 cities listed. (Anchorage is dead last.) According to the color-coded infographic that accompanies the study, St. Louis appears to be a medium to medium-high caffeinated city.

The study looked at 20 million transactions in the second quarter of this year at several major coffee chains. The top fifteen most caffeinated cities are listed after the jump.

1. Chicago, Illinois
2. New York, New York
3. Seattle, Washington
4. San Francisco, California
5. Los Angeles, California
6. Washington, District of Columbia
7. San Jose, California
8. Portland, Oregon
9. Miami, Florida
10. Minneapolis, Minnesota
11. Honolulu, Hawaii
12. Dallas, Texas
13. San Diego, California
14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15. Arlington, Virginia

(h/t: Grub Street)
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