Ten Drinks to Help You Forget 2010

While many people are making resolutions and thinking about how to improve their lives (or simply have more fun), there are those among us who would simply like to forget the whole damn year.

Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your relationship ended. Maybe you're still trying to figure what the hell happened on the final episode of Lost. Whatever the reason, we know that there are some of you who want nothing more than to get sloppy drunk on New Year's Eve and put 2010 out of your misery.

If you fall into that category, then this list is for you. Here are ten drinks that are sure to help you black this past year out:

10. The Mind Eraser Sure, this one's a little cliché, but it had to make the list. Seriously, this drink has its name for a reason.

9. Irish Car Bomb Here's a drink that's sure to blow the hell out of a few months!

8. Nuclear Lemonade Thanks to its mixers, this drink is well camouflaged, sweet and innocent to the taste. Most people will have no idea what kind of an intoxication awaits them on the other side: a mushroom cloud of epic proportions in your brain.

And probably your liver.

7. Paralyzer A couple of these bad boys will leave you in a mind-numbed bliss that's sure to obliterate at least a few unwanted memories. Be warned, though: Overindulgence aside, the mere combination of ingredients -- may induce vomiting.

6. The Zombie Just because it has been a good year for zombies doesn't mean it has been a good year for you. If you're interested in joining the legions of Walking Dead, then down a few of these.

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