The Best Thanksgiving Convenience Foods, Onion-Cooking Methods, and Booze

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Did you wait until the last minute to start Thanksgiving prep? Or are you just lazy? Slashfood has recommendations for the best frozen pumpkin and apple pies and the best instant stuffing.

If you're making the meal by hand, our sister paper, the Houston Press, tests methods to prevent onion tears. No one should cry in the kitchen on a holiday. Save the tears for the family angst.

Speaking of crying and angst, recommends what to drink throughout Thanksgiving day. Tip: beer's not a good choice first thing while putting the turkey in the oven. Go for sangria instead.

Thanks to our neighbors at the University of Missouri - Columbia, we might be closer to safer poultry at the holidays and year-round. KSPR in Springfield, Missouri, reports that food scientist Azlin Mustapha at the university has developed a test that detects salmonella in poultry and eggs in 12 hours instead of the usual 5 days. Mustapha developed the E. coli test for beef that's used by the state's Department of Agriculture. For this, we are thankful.

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