The Burger Chronicles: Blueberry Hill

Feb 9, 2007 at 5:29 pm

The Burger Chronicles is an occasional feature that chronicles burgers.

Is there anything so beautiful as a slice of half-melted American cheese draped like luminescent yellow velvet atop a freshly grilled burger? A newborn, maybe -- but a newborn eventually will cry and cry, while a burger from Blueberry Hill has never made anyone bawl. Except, of course, whoever preps Blueberry Hill's onions: a great pile of thick, crisp slices came with my burger, a pile that would intimidate even the most devoted onion lover. Multiply that pile by the hundreds or billions of burgers Blueberry Hill serves each day and even you might start to tear up.

It's no surprise Blueberry Hill is so popular. This is the quintessential cookout burger, tasting of char and beef and the mineral sweat of a St. Louis summer. Greasy, though. There's nothing you can do to keep the bottom half of the roll from dissolving in your hands. Don't cry. Do what I do. Order it with American cheese. Sure, it's a "cheese food." It's also resilient enough to build your spaceship out of. Just stick the condiments and the top half of the roll below your burger and use the cheese as the new top. Beautiful.

-Ian Froeb