The Definitive Ranking of Tacos at Tower Taco

The Definitive Ranking of Tacos at Tower Taco
Photos by Johnny Fugitt

"A life without tacos is a life not worth living." - Everyone, Everywhere, at Every Time

Tacos feed more than our bellies; they feed our souls. Some tacos, however, are more fulfilling than others. Riverfront Times visited Tower Taco (3147 Cherokee Street) to separate the "make you weep with joy" tacos from the "yup, it's a taco" tacos. We present to you: The Definitive Ranking of Tacos at Tower Taco.

8. Chicken There is nothing inherently wrong with a chicken taco. Chicken can be a blank canvas to feature flavors, but Tower Taco's didn't quite do it for us.

7. Tripe Many would place tripe at the bottom simply because it is, well, tripe. If people wanted to gnaw on cow guts, Bubblicious tripe would totally be a thing. Tower Taco tries to break down the tripe and give it flavor by sauteing it with onions, but the results are just above packing material.

6. Tongue Because we couldn't bring ourselves to put it above steak...

5. Steak Surprisingly low in the rankings for steak, which should be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World instead of that stupid Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. (Way overrated.)

4. Pork Not overly spicy -- delightful.

3. Fish We all knew fish had to be near the top. Fish + Taco = Delicious. It's science.

2. Chorizo This isn't merely sausage with a Spanish name. It's the real deal. Expect this to be No. 1 for the hardcore pork-lover in your group.

1. Shrimp The pinnacle of taco achievement at Tower Taco. Add a squirt of lime and a dash of verde salsa, and watch the heavens open to shine light on this wondrous food.

As with any tacos, don't forget the margarita!

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