The Dish: A Slice of Pepperoni from Bridge & Tunnel Pizza

Jun 6, 2008 at 11:16 am

Gut Check reviews a single dish.

The Location: Bridge & Tunnel Pizza (1131 Washington Avenue)

The Dish: A slice with pepperoni.

The Cost: $3.25

The verdict after the jump...

The Verdict: Bridge & Tunnel Pizza opened this April in the Loft District. As its name might suggest, it serves pizza in the New York-New Jersey tradition: big slices with a thin (but not very thin) crust and mozzarella cheese.

The pepperoni, from St. Louis' own Volpi, was the highlight of the slice: Flavorful but not too greasy. The crust was also good, thin but not flimsy, with a pleasant chew. I wasn't a big fan of the sauce, which struck me as a tad too sweet. This was especially notable as there wasn't as much cheese on the slice as I expect from a New York-style slice. I don't expect an oily mess, but I do like more gooiness than this slice had.

Would I order it again? Well, I was hungry, and the slice got the job done. As far as this style of pizza goes, I prefer Feraro's Jersey-Style Pizza in Soulard, but if I'm in the neighborhood and craving pizza, B&T will do.

-Ian Froeb