The Dive Bomber at Cotter's Sports Lounge

This week, I drove past three prospective bars, and all were far too nice for the likes of me. I was forced to play GPS Bar Roulette, in which I pick the closest bar listed on my TomTom and go with it. Tom delivered me to Cotter's Sports Lounge.

I spend a lot of Monday nights in bars, and never have I found one that felt so much like a weekend: decent-sized crowd, pool games in progress and a blissfully overzealous bartender.

click to enlarge The Dive Bomber at Cotter's Sports Lounge
Robin Wheeler
"You want to get a bucket instead? It's cheaper!" he said when I ordered a beer.

Not if I have to pay an emergency room co-pay to fix the effects of adding five beers to the chicken curry and eight espresso shots I'd consumed earlier.

To the pack of guys consuming round after round of shots, the bartender yelled, "You nasty boys! If your mom was here she'd kick your ass!" Later, one of the shot-drinkers told the bartender, "I love you so much I'd take you home and let you fuck my sister."

After a little eavesdropping, I learned that the bartender is Ali Babba of River City Pub's karaoke. What I witnessed was apparently Ali's calm side.

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