The Hoffsicle and Five Other Weird Popsicles

David Hasselhoff: actor, musician, eater of cheeseburgers off the floor and...popsicle? Yes, Germany's favorite American talent is now available as a raspberry-flavored popsicle from Del Monte. Here, watch a video of Hasselhoff licking himself:

The Hoffsicle might be the most disturbing novelty popsicle we've ever seen, but it's certainly not the first. After the jump, five of our favorite weird popsicles.

This isn't the first time that Del Monte has turned a celebrity into a popsicle. Indeed, the Hoffsicle is several rungs down the celebrity ladder from the Daniel Craig Popsicle:

Tired of empty Hollywood celebrities? Want to make a political statement with your popsicle? How about a Che Guevara popsicle:

That popsicle comes to us from Stoyn, a Russian ad agency. (It's a real popsicle, too, not just concept art.)

For the world's reputedly most expensive popsicle, we must travel to Mexico, where a luxury resort offers a $1,000 popsicle. It is made with a tequila that sells for $1,500 and includes 24K gold flakes:

The Hoffsicle and Five Other Weird Popsicles
Can we in America compete with such luxury? No, we cannot. Instead, we have the Pickle Sickle. No, it's not a sex toy. It's a popsicle made with pickle juice. Thankfully, these young ladies try it so you don't have to:

Finally, there is the breast-milk popsicle. At first, I wasn't going to include this on the list of weird popsicles because the article clearly states that these are intended for babies, and Gut Check certainly has nothing against breastfeeding or babies enjoying frozen treats.

That said, we can't get past the name in the headline of this article: Momsicles. Ew.

The Hoffsicle and Five Other Weird Popsicles

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