The Morning Brew: 3.12

What became of Anna Ayala, the California woman who placed a severed finger in her chili and blamed Wendy's? She cooked the finger, went to jail, and got banned for life from Wendy's. (San Jose Mercury News)

In the last century, Americans have lowered beef intake while eating more cheese, chicken and soda. The same gathering of U.S.D.A. data shows that Illinois has more farmers markets per capita in its urban areas than rural areas. (Chicago Daily Tribune)

What do Supreme Court Justices order at the drive-thru? A writer posing as a 10-year-old letter writer finds out. Clarence Thomas likes Egg McMuffins. No word on how he takes his Coke. (AOL News)

Remember the big freeze in Florida? It's now causing tomato shortages and price spikes. 75% of the U.S.'s tomatoes come from Florida, which lost 60-70% of its crop. (
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