The Morning Brew: 4.20

Apr 20, 2010 at 7:00 am

The air travel catastrophe caused by Iceland's volcano can teach some important lessons about eating locally in the U.K. The Guardian detailed how the huge ash cloud is preventing Kenyan produce imports from reaching western Europe. Tons of fruits and vegetables have already been dumped because they were unable to reach the United Kingdom.

FDA to crack down on sodium content in processed food. The ten-year effort will lead to eventual laws on the amount of sodium allowed to be determined after extensive research in the amount of sodium used in foods, according to the Washington Post. There are currently no legal limits on how much salt can be added to manufactured foods.

While well-done meat might mean less food-borne illness, it could lead to higher rates of bladder cancer. BBC News reports on a University of Texas study that found higher cancer-causing chemicals in meats that have been grilled or fried to higher temperatures.