The Morning Brew: 4.30

Apr 30, 2010 at 7:00 am

As the oil from last week's rig explosion creeps closer to the Louisiana coast, New Orleans restaurants are becoming concerned about the fate of their local seafood, especially on the verge of oyster reproduction season. The Chicago Tribune interviewed people whose livelihoods rely on Gulf oysters to get a sense of this latest hit to the Louisiana oyster industry.

There's falafel and hummus, but what else can Israeli farmers do with all those chickpeas? YNet News reports that in an effort to use local resources for cheap protein and lessen dependence on imported soybeans, Israel's Agriculture Ministry has been developing chickpea milk.

Speaking of milk, the National Milk Producers Federation puts its foot down on "milks" that don't come from mammals, like soymilk and, well, chickpea milk. They protested soymilk a decade ago. USA Today reports that the FDA, which covers food labeling, is staying out of the brewing battle.