The Morning Brew: 5.12

May 12, 2010 at 7:00 am

Dude! Food! The changing image of male chefs, thanks to celebrity chef culture, is creating some new gender issues. So much so that Time examines the issue, from the somewhat classy machismo of Anthony Bourdain, to the crass blog-to-book "Cook to Bang". Josh Ozersky explains, "But in between these Dude Food extremes, there are a bunch of media stars whose gender identity is always front and center. They range from the menschy (Man v. Food's Adam Richman) to the brash (TV's itinerant Rocco DiSpirito) to the king of the dorks (Good Eats' Alton Brown), but one thing's clear in every case: none of these guys could be mistaken for a half-a-mozzarella."

Arizona's new immigration crack-down means Americans can kiss their cheap lettuce goodbye. The Atlantic reports that migrant workers in the leafy green industry, which moves to Yuma, Arizona, from March to May, might look for work elsewhere, leaving the industry in peril. "Maria Machuca, a United Farm Workers spokesperson, believes that 'farm workers will be part of the main target,' noting that Cesar Chavez--who, incidentally, was born just outside of Yuma--would likely have perfectly fit the profile of 'suspicious' under the law's broad definition. 'It's going to have an impact,' she says. "Some of them are talking about not going back."

Because playing with pretend cows for hours on end isn't enough, 7-11 will do a product tie-in with Farmville in June. According to, Zynga, the company that spawned Farmville, YoVille, and Mafia Wars, has partnered with the convenience store chain for a line of Big Gulp cups and snacks labeled with codes for free virtual guns, farm animals, and such.