The Morning Brew: 5.19

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Shocking! Chefs sometimes smoke pot. The New York Times examines the marijuana culture that often goes side by side with professional kitchens. While cocaine was the kitchen drug of choice in the nouvelle cuisine 1980s, today's heavier rustic foods favor something a bit more mellow. "'There has been an entire strata of restaurants created by chefs to feed other chefs,' [Anthony] Bourdain said. 'These are restaurants created specially for the tastes of the slightly stoned, slightly drunk chef after work.'"

Even more shocking? Processed meats have been linked to heart disease. According to Reuters, the study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health did find something surprising: unprocessed meat like steak doesn't seem to have a heart disease link, leading researchers to conclude that the sodium and additives in processed meats like bacon and sausage might be a bigger problem than saturated fat.

What's better than listing calorie counts on the menu? Giving a personalized calorie count on a customer's receipt. KPTV of Portland, Oregon, reports that Burgerville, a fast food chain in the Pacific Northwest, has started printing nutritional information directly on receipts. Even special orders. The receipts also give helpful tips on how to eat healthier at the chain. No word on if one of them reads, "Holy crap, this shake has 1,360 calories! Throw it away!"

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