The Morning Brew: 5.20

Can't eat as much since having weight loss surgery? According to Eater, a Pennsylvania smorgasbord joint is issuing discount cards to patrons who've had gastric bypass procedures. With proof of surgery and a doctor's signature, customers get half-priced all-you-can-eat for the first year and ten percent off during the second year. "Gastric bypass surgery makes you lose weight by making it impossible to eat anywhere near the same amounts of food you did before--which makes going to a smorgasbord a pretty bad deal financially."

Watch out, McRib. Burger King's cooking up some ribs. Except these ribs have bones in them. And they cost nearly $10 for an order of six, reports the Nation's Restaurant News. "Leslie Kerr, president of the Intellaprice pricing advisory firm in Boston, described the $8.99 ribs as a bold move for Burger King. 'Burger King is currently promoting $1 menu items and 5 meals for $5, so introducing $8 and $9 items could send a message that confuses customers or at least creates some sticker shock.'"

Chicago's ABC affiliate covered the recent Vending Machine Show. "Consumers today really rely on vending machines because our lives are so busy. We really rely on them and the products have to be delicious and they have to be there when and where they want them. And we are really dedicated to delivering that experience to the consumer," said Jackie Clark, of the National Automatic Merchandising Association."

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