The Morning Brew: 5.25

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French farmers bring the country to the City of Light. The New York Times reports that while French farmers tend to gather en masse in Paris to air complaints, this time they brought the fields and livestock to Champs-Élysée so city folk might gain a bit of understanding about farming.

Unless it's for celiac disease, forgoing gluten might cause more problems than it cures. The New York Daily News cited dietitian Tanya Thomas in debunking myths involving the protein that causes illness in people with celiac disease. Without the condition, a lack of gluten-heavy foods can lead to headaches, fatigue and weight gain - the very things often claimed to be cured with gluten-free diets.

Sometimes celebrity chefs have senses of humor. Alton Brown donated $100 to Food Network Humor, a blog that pokes fun at the cable station, its host and shows. He's goading his peers to do the same, by offering to match their donations. The blog will donate a portion of the money to

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