The Morning Brew: 5.26

May 26, 2010 at 7:00 am

And the losers are ... The Center for Science in the Public Interest has released their annual Xtreme Eating awards - the most unhealthy dishes available at chain restaurants. Got a hankering for pasta with 85 grams of saturated fat? The Los Angeles Times details the winners, and examines whether mandatory nutritional information on menus will do any good.

Americans always want more, more, more. Our changing palates are leading to food companies to create more intense flavors for processed food, according to the Wall Street Journal. Is it a sign of more sophisticated tastes, or sensory overload? "'I don't think it's inherently bad to become a flavor junkie," says Dr. [Mitchell] Davis, who has a doctorate in food studies, noting that the local-seasonal food movement also stems from the demand for more flavorful food. "It's one way to look at food. But there is a sophisticated way of doing it and there is another way of doing it.'"

The Texas wine industry is growing, but will financial woes push it back? The Dallas Morning News examines the politics of adding a new agribusiness.