The Morning Brew: 6.16

Massachusetts sees a boom in agritourists. The Boston Globe reports that argitourism made $660,000 for farms and wineries in 2002 and more than $5.6 million in 2007. That's a lot of money for people watching farmers like Laura Tangerini do her chores. "Do I see it as a way to make a farm more profitable? Absolutely.''

The latest craze in U.K. alcohol consumption? Wine packaged in individual, disposable glasses. Despite being told on a reality show that his invention would flop, creator James Nash can't keep his wine-on-the-go product in stock. According the the Daily Mail, U.K. retail giant M&S said in a statement, 'The glasses are merchandised in our 'Food on the Move' section, which is obviously the aisle people on the go head to - particularly office workers."

Midway through wedding month, food writer Josh Ozersky implores betrothed couples to fire their caterers and put more thought into wedding food. In Time, he writes, "Basically, the caterer's job is to not screw up. To put something edible on the table that looks fancy and is warmer than the average body temperature."

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