The Morning Brew: Friday, 9/14

A look at some of the steps China is taking to improve the safety of its food. (USA Today)

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Great Britain's new outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease is spreading. (Guardian)

Burger King will serve healthier kids' meals, including apples cut to resemble French fries. (AP)

A Los Angeles city councilwoman introduces legislation to block new fast-food outlets in the South Central area for two years. (Christian Science Monitor)

(Speaking of fast food: Has anyone else seen the new Jack in the Box ad? It involves a jacuzzi and is very, very funny.)

Steven Schirripa -- aka Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri on the Sopranos -- will host a cooking show on the Lifeskool network. No word if Gwyneth Paltrow makes an appearance. (Hollywood Reporter)

-Ian Froeb

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