The Morning Brew: Wednesday, 8/1

Aug 1, 2007 at 9:28 am

Today's Post-Dispatch reports on plans by University City and Olivette to revitalize Olive Boulevard on either side of I-170.

The suburbs share some common goals: Both would like a hotel on their sites and attractive, landscaped developments with shops, residences and offices.

Why did this grab Gut Check's attention? Because U. City's plan includes demolishing Jeffrey Plaza, the homely strip mall that just happens to be home to three of my absolute favorite St. Louis restaurants: Nobu's, Indian Food and Pho Long.

I'll be paying very close attention to developments here. I'll keep you posted.

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On a lighter note: Frank Bruni shares stories of the drunk, the amorous and the just plain crude at New York City's finest restaurants. That's diners, by the way, not cooks and waitstaff. (New York Times)

-Ian Froeb