The Picky Eater's Guide to Yolklore

Sep 9, 2016 at 8:22 am
click to enlarge Yolklore is located in Crestwood. - Photo by Lauren Milford
Photo by Lauren Milford
Yolklore is located in Crestwood.

Farm-fresh breakfast and lunch options in a cute, hipster-y fast-casual joint — complete with a drive-thru — in the ‘burbs? It might be out of the norm for Crestwood, but it makes Yolklore (8958 Watson Road, Crestwood, 314-270-8538) a welcome addition to the suburb’s culinary scene. Everything is made from scratch in-house, with locally sourced ingredients. You can order your food at the counter and then peek into the open kitchen 'til it’s ready. The food is served in disposable containers so you can eat at the tables inside or take it with you.

So how does Yolklore do for diners with special needs — or even just particular desires? We checked in to see how it adds up.

click to enlarge Mushroom frittata with crispy potatoes. - Photo by Lauren Milford
Photo by Lauren Milford
Mushroom frittata with crispy potatoes.

Vegetarian: The mushroom frittata with goat cheese and tomato jam — well, you had us at goat cheese. It’s delicious, and on the day we visited, we got the last one since they were waiting for the farmer to bring them more mushrooms — really hitting that farm-fresh aspect home. Breakfast options also include six “big dippers,” small pancakes perfect for dipping in maple syrup, and baked oatmeal (which can be modified to be vegan). On the lunch side of brunch, there’s the "Mary B.E.A.R." with apple butter, brie, a soft-boiled egg, arugula and pickled red onion on a ciabatta bun, or the "MO Garden Greens," falafel cakes with lemon vinaigrette served on fresh greens.

Gluten-Free: Yolklore makes figuring out what is gluten-free easy by noting it on the menu! The baked oatmeal and mushroom frittata are GF, as are the "Mary B.E.A.R." and "Billy the Kid" sandwiches, and the "MO Garden Greens" salad. The yogurt parfait is gluten-free as well.

Paleo: Your best bet is to modify the classic breakfast (eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes) and order it without the biscuit on the side. You could also try the "Billy the Kid" sandwich sans bread and cheddar — breakfast sausage patty, chili, a fried egg and crispy smashed potatoes.

Kids: There’s a nice kids’ menu of $5 items: three hotcakes; an egg, breakfast meat and pancake breakfast; a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; and a grilled cheese. There are no sippy cups or coloring sheets, but the atmosphere is family-friendly. Plus — a huge plus — there’s a drive-thru for those days when you want to get a fresh, delicious breakfast but the minions in your life aren’t cooperating with that plan. 

click to enlarge Ordering counter at Yolklore. - Photo by Lauren Milford
Photo by Lauren Milford
Ordering counter at Yolklore.