The Precinct Hopes to Transform Former Steakhouse into Cop Hangout

click to enlarge The Precinct by Jim Edmonds
The Precinct by Jim Edmonds

The Precinct (1900 Locust Avenue; 314-588-8899), Jim Edmonds' and Mark Winfield's re-branding of their former restaurant, Jim Edmonds 15 Steakhouse is set to open October 14. As we reported in August, the change was made in part because the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department headquarters is moving in next door at 1915 Olive Street (though the exact move-in date keeps changing; most recent estimates set it for next summer). That means 300 to 700 police department employees whom the Precinct hopes to turn into regulars.

"It's our thought that we need to change to accommodate the people around us," Winfeld told us in August.

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       The Precinct at Taste of St. Louis. | Steve Truesdell
       The Precinct at Taste of St. Louis. | Steve Truesdell

Winfield described the food as classic bar fare "with a nicer twist." Everything on the menu is pretty cheap, with a focus on wings. He'll also offer an "Officer Down Challenge" -- scarf one pound of "Officer Down" wings and chug two draft beers in eight minutes, and you'll get your mug shot on the wall and a t-shirt. (Since this blog post was first published, the owners have changed the name to the "Hot Pursuit" challenge -- click here to find out why.) Those pictures will share wall space with vintage black-and-white photos of the SLMPD from the police library.

But Winfield insists the Precinct isn't just for cops.

"It will be a neighborhood bar where people can come and feel welcome," he told us.

As we reported earlier, the upstairs event space will remain open, underneath the name Jim Edmonds Space 15. The Precinct is open for business October 14, and there will be a grand opening party on October 26 with an Elton John cover band (do cops really go for that?). Count Gut Check in, even if it's just so we can pretend like we're on The Wire, pounding Jameson with Jimmy McNulty.

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