The Return of the Reader Review of the Week!

Sep 24, 2007 at 4:15 pm

This week the RFT releases its annual Best of St. Louis issue. Which means no new restaurant review by yours truly. I know, I know: It will be tough, but we'll get through it together.

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To compensate, I'm proud to bring back a feature no one except me likely even remembers: The Reader Review of the Week. Actually, I plan to highlight several reader reviews this week. Today, two different takes on Chimichanga's Mexican Restaurant (5425 South Grand Boulevard).

Sandi S. digs the joint:

This place is FANTASTIC!!! Hands down my favorite place to eat. The food is always fresh. The portions are HUGE. The value is tremendous. Service is always prompt and friendly. The deep fried cheese cake is to die for!!!! If you have not checked this south side gem out, you really need to.

adc1980? Not so much.

I have to be honest when I say this place is way less than "FANTASTIC". I received poor service from our server. The food was typical Americanized Mexican food! I will admit their tamales were the closest I've come to my mom's homemade tamales, but not with all that greasy meat on top, that is for sure. The closest Mexican food you can come to is any restuarant on Cherokee St. in South City or Arcelia's on Park. As for the was a pleasant surrounding, but not enough to disguise what they seriously lack: service & food

You, too, can submit a review for everyone to read. Just find your favorite (or least favorite) restaurant in our listings and speak your mind.

(P.S. I know many restaurants aren't available in our listings yet. We're working on that. Promise!)

-Ian Froeb