The Top Ten Dishes of 2008: Honorable Mentions...and the Worst Dish of the Year

Dec 16, 2008 at 3:34 pm

There is no "Review Preview" today because the Top Ten Dishes of 2008 will take the place of the regular review in this week's issue. Instead, as a reward to you loyal Gut Check readers -- and to draw out the suspense of what #1 will be a little longer -- I offer a blog exclusive: honorable mentions for three restaurants that just missed the final cut and the worst  thing I ate all year.

Honorable Mentions

(in order of publication)

The tortilla soup and barbacoa at Taqueria los Tarascos - "Can Taqueria los Tarascos' Tacos Makes You Homesick...?" (March 6, 2008)

Pizza with fingerling potatoes and parsnips at Katie's Pizzeria Café - "Lust for Crust" (April 24, 2008)

Beignets at Café Ventana - "Primary Colorful" (October 16,  2003)

The Worst Dish of the Year

I included this dubious distinction in the published version of last year's Top Ten Dishes. I refrained from doing so this year for two reasons. First, to the best of my knowledge, this year's winner has been removed from the menu for good. Second, since my review, the restaurant itself has undergone a change in both its ownership and its head chef, so I hesitate to call it out again for past sins.

That said, I can't change history. So while I won't name the restaurant, I will offer a link (and, for regular readers, a clue) to the offending dish. Click at your own risk.

Manwich nipples.

- Ian Froeb