This Week in Gut Check, Regurgitated

It was another fun-filled week here at Gut Check: We looked at some truly twisted cakes, celebrated fast food and generally marveled at an amazing video of an egg being cracked open. No, really, let's just watch that egg video again:

What else happened?
Throwback of the House had her love of pimento cheese destroyed.

The Sneak found Vancouver very sneakable.

The Noble Writ praised Paul Hayden of Clayton's Wine & Cheese Place.

The Novice Foodie went on a Cherokee Street taco crawl.

Java Enabled identified the "big-ass red" of coffee.

Farmers' Market Share chilled and then grilled okra.

The Dive Bomber embraced life -- but not flaming shots -- at City Club.
That's it for this week. Gut Check will return Tuesday for a short but very busy week. Trust me: You don't want to miss it.

Have a great holiday weekend. Eat something good.
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