To Everything There is a Sneakson and a Time for Every Repurpose

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Late yesterday, the hamsters that power Gut Check went on strike. The dispute has since been resolved. Thus, a special Tuesday edition of the Sneak!

The windows of my house are comfortably open, and Labor Day has passed us by. You know what this means? I mean, aside from being the sartorial solstice, the final waning days of white shoes and seersucker? Summer movie season is over. Jerry Bruckheimer has to go back into his fetid subterranean burrow for another six months of plotting how to rob twelve-year-olds blind with special effects in 2010. Movies have somehow taken on additional weight in the cooling air, like dirigibles ponderously descending to Award Season cruising altitude as the gas inside expands more slowly inside their rippling silk flanks.

Ironically, this is also the only time of year when watching a movie outdoors is actually a goofy pleasure in St. Louis and not a masterclass in places on your body you didn't know could sweat.

Frontyard Features, which has been providing free movies in locations all over Missouri this summer (though they angered audiences in Old Post Office Plaza by not warning them ahead of time that they were going to show a significantly edited version of The Big Lebowski -- "significantly edited" in the way that a cow is significantly edited into ground round) stops their own programs at the end of September, but they offer a large array of inflatable outdoor screens for rent for your own movie night.

Don't underestimate the joy of sitting in the drive-in theater with the windows open on a nice night, either. If you catch the excellent social-science-as-fantasy double feature of Inglourious Basterds and District 9 at the Skyview, for instance, you're going to need some caloric fuel to sustain all that ultraviolence-is-a-criticism-of-violence fervor. On the other screen? The Final Destination and Rob Zombie's Halloween II. Desperate college students, midterms are coming and there's a paper in that alone. You're welcome. Go see a movie.

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