Today is Whole Foods' Community Support Day

Jun 23, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Each year, the Brentwood and Town & Country Whole Foods locations have a meeting to review applications and discuss which local organizations should be chosen as beneficiaries for the stores' quarterly Community Support Days.

On these days, 5 percent of both stores' total proceeds will be donated to a like-minded organization which plans to use the funds in a Whole Foods-approved manner.

This quarter's fundraiser is a "Healthy Water, Healthy Food Day" is today. The event will benefit the open Space Council and specifically Operation Clean Stream, a volunteer-run organization that aims to protect and restore the quality of the water in the Meramec River.

In addition to the fundraising, store patrons will be rewarded with free demonstrations, prizes and entertainment. Whole Foods will give away reusable grocery bags, water bottles and trail-mix samples and host cooking demonstrations at both locations.