Top Ten Dishes 2012 #3: Steak Tartare at Little Country Gentleman

Dec 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm

I'm counting down the top ten dishes from the new restaurants that I reviewed in 2012. Read the complete series to date.

The steak tartare with daikon consommé at Little Country Gentleman - Jennifer Silverberg
Jennifer Silverberg
The steak tartare with daikon consommé at Little Country Gentleman

#3. Steak tartare at Little Country Gentleman (8135 Maryland Avenue, Clayton; 314-725-0719)

A small mound of steak tartare sits at four o'clock on the broad rim of a large plate. Specks of cilantro stem dot the meat here and there with green. Three thin rice crackers jut out from it at odd angles. Atop the tartare the dusky orange yolk of a quail egg glistens. At the center of this plate, in a shallow indentation, is an amber daikon-radish consommé. Per your server's advice, you spoon the tartare through the consommé, and the daikon's mild sweetness and hint of earth pairs beautifully with the meat's mineral sharpness, while the silken quail-egg yolk, though no bigger than a quarter, gives the dish a luscious, lasting body.

-- from "Esprit de Course" (December 20, 2012)


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