Twitter Fight, Take Three: KFC Double Down Stands Up for Itself on Twitter

Apr 15, 2010 at 11:08 am
click to enlarge Doublin' down on Twitter - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
Doublin' down on Twitter
he KFC Double Down, a "sandwich" of bacon and cheese between two fried chicken-breast fillets, has been the talk of the food media since its debut on Monday. Now the Double Down is talking back -- on Twitter.

That's right, follow @kfcdoubledown to learn what the much-maligned sandwich is thinking. No, really. The Double Down is Tweeting in the first person. The results have been...interesting.

Its first Tweet, from 10:39 a.m. Monday morning:
Its second Tweet, from exactly three minutes later:
Funny, but no, BLASTOFF was not a reference to you blasting off the toilet after eating me. I'm just asking for a fair shake here.
Today, though, things have gotten even better. @kfcdoubledown has attracted the attention of @ruthbourdain:

@ruthbourdain started it, naturally:
Fuck the Double Down. Working w/resto chain on "Three of a Kind" cheek-lovers sandwich: veal & beef cheek "bread" w/guanciale in the middle
Today, the Double Down replied:
@ruthbourdain: Sorry you feel that way, have you bothered to actually eat one of me?
And then @ruthbourdain basically summed up the whole Double Down debacle in one Tweet:
@kfcdoubledown Listen. I've tasted meat between two breasts before, and I don't think a slice of cheese is going to make it any better.
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