"Very Small Hair-Like Metal Fragments" Prompt Recall of Craisins

click to enlarge "Very small hair-like metal fragments" not pictured. - Image via
"Very small hair-like metal fragments" not pictured.
Craisins, the dried-fruit snack best known for being the "dessert" that the mother of sad, lonely third-grader Dakota Williker-Smith packs in his lunch every day and also for decorating wine-bar cheese plates like so many bloody mouse droppings, can now add "recalled food product" to its résumé.

Ocean Spray has announced a precautionary recall of certain packages of Craisins that might contain what the Huffington Post describes as "small, hair-like shards of metal."

Because when you compare something to hair, "shard" is of course the first word that comes to mind. As a spokeswoman for the cranberry giant informs Gut Check, the press release jointly issued Friday by Ocean Spray and the Food and Drug Administration is devoid of shards, characterizing the foreign objects as "very small hair-like metal fragments" that actually improve the taste, if not the texture, of Craisins pose no health risk.

To find out if your personal stash of Craisins has been recalled, check the UPC code and sell-by date against this list.
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