Vida Closes After 7 Months of Serving Food for Gringos

Jun 14, 2013 at 1:29 pm
       Jennifer Silverberg
       Jennifer Silverberg

File this under "too soon": Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina (1137 St Louis Galleria; 314-863-1150) has closed. On Saturday, June 8, the restaurant served up its final carnita before shutting the doors permanently. Although the phone number is still active, Vida's voice-mail will direct you to the restaurant's website, which features a short message to past-patrons, thanking them for the past 7 months of business.

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Thanks to the loyal Gut Check reader who made us hip to the closure. It looks like Vida's demise won't affect its Galleria neighbor, the BlackFinn American Grille (1147 Saint Louis Galleria; 314-726-5300), which shares the same corporate parent. Gut Check ex-pat Ian Froeb gave Vida a complimentary, but mostly neutral review back in January.

Vida's Mexican menu for white people (see: Gringos) paired authentic dishes with restraint beside menu items like the $25 filet mignon with blackened tomatillo salsa. Sadly, we've seen the last of Vida's skinny margaritas.

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