Want to See Draft Beer Available "To Go"? Call Your State Rep!

Mar 23, 2010 at 11:54 am
Please, enjoy your growler responsibly. - image credit
Please, enjoy your growler responsibly.

Everybody loves fresh draft beer. (Especially those of us who prefer to spell it draught beer. For some reason, it just looks more refreshing that way. Anyhoo.) Brewpubs realize that everyone loves fresh draft beer. Many brewpubs don't bottle, so how do they satisfy customers who would like to enjoy their beer at home? They sell growlers. Growlers allow the drinker to enjoy super-fresh draft beer without being tethered to the tap.

Years ago, when there was a bar on every corner and brewing was much more of a local thing, you could send your kid down the street to the tavern for a bucket of beer. This tradition died with Prohibition, living on in only the small, stained buckets diehards used to drink Busch out of during Bevo Days. But now, thanks to the Slow Beer/craft/microbrew revolution, yet another great idea has been resurrected. Today most breweries with pubs attached sell half-gallon (64-ounce) glass bottles of their draft beer.

But why should only brewpubs offer their draft beer to go? Wouldn't it be great if restaurants and bars with superior selections offered the same service, allowing us all to imbibe the best beer in St. Louis in the safety and comfort of our own homes?

Missouri Rep. Maria Chapelle-Nadal seems to thinks so.

Last year she sponsored a bill allowing "restaurant bars" to sell beer to go in containers of 32 ounces or larger.

Here're a few more things the bill specified: To be allowed to sell to-go beer, an establishment must make 50 percent of its income from food and sell no fewer than 45 different kinds of draft beer.

Turned out Cicero's in the Loop was the only restaurant that qualified.

But now Chappelle-Nadal is trying to invite more folks to the party. She's sponsoring a new bill that lowers that sets the minimum number of draft beers to twenty. If this bill passes, restaurants all over town could opt to offer fresh draft TakHomaBeer.

Like this scenario? Contact your state representative about House Bill 1533. Tell them you'd like to see more establishments enjoying the freedom to sell fresh draft beer to go.