Water Street Cafe's "Harps of Gold" is Christmas in a Glass

        "Harps of Gold" is the real reason for the season. | Zach Garrison
        "Harps of Gold" is the real reason for the season. | Zach Garrison

The darker side of the holidays often means forced family gatherings, tedious hours spent in overcrowded shopping malls and hand-knitted sweaters. What better way to cope than a delicious cocktail? We asked Gabe Kveton, owner and drink creator at Water Street Cafe and Cocktail Bar (7268 Manchester Road, Maplewood; 314-646-8355) to make us a cocktail that might help boost our Christmas spirit. He obliged with the simple, yet delicious "Harps of Gold," a festive concoction that takes the edge off the holiday chaos.

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Craft cocktails these days can get pretty complex -- ten different steps make reproducing the drink back at home nearly impossible. "Harps of Gold" is straightforward and could be re-created easily enough should the need arise. The key is the apple bitters that are generously added to sparkling white wine and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. Served in a long, elegant flute, the bubbly drink is very crisp with a sharp, bitter bite that is balanced out by a sweet finish. The overall taste is that of apple pie in cider form, but light and even. The aroma itself sells the drink -- fresh pine and Christmas wreaths.

         Apple pie in a bottle. | Zach Garrison
        Apple pie in a bottle. | Zach Garrison

Having difficulties completing that Christmas gift list? Water Street has put together gift baskets of varying sizes and prices. Each basket contains a combination of vintage glassware and pre-mixed signature cocktails along with mixing instructions that make it easy to quickly put together a topnotch drink.

During our visit we learned that Water Street screens a late-night movie every Friday at 10:30 p.m. Accompanying the flick (projected on a large-pull down screen) is a happy-hour and drink-specials -- the month of January is Hitchcock themed, the perfect to shake away the treacly memories of the holiday season.

After the jump, learn how to make "Harps of Gold" at home.

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