What Could Make Cupcakes Cool Again? Cyberwarfare

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Fighting evil, one frosted bite at a time. - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
Fighting evil, one frosted bite at a time.
The cupcake trend has been passé so long that even making fun of the cupcake trend is now passé as well. What could bring cupcakes back into the realm of cool?

How about this: British intelligence officers last year hacked the website of Inspire, the first English-language publication from Al Qaeda, and replaced recipes for bombs with recipes for cupcakes.

Gawker relates the details:

As the story goes, they swapped potentially-destructive bomb-making tutorials with jumbled-up code for the Ellen DeGeneres talkshow website, which contained cupcake recipes from Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio.

Gut Check isn't sure how another jumped-the-shark food trend can top this. A gastropub that's actually the command-and-control center for a Jack Bauer-style anti-terrorist unit? Navy Seals raiding a terrorist compound using a food truck as a Trojan horse to gain entry?

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