Which St. Louis Grocery Store Are You?

Sep 19, 2012 at 8:06 am

Sure, you fancy yourself a socially conscious farmers'-market-lovin' type, lugging around your reusable canvas bags full of heirloom tomatoes and pasture-raised meat -- but, late, sleepless, thinking back on Grandma's Sunday gravy, don't you wonder if you're more of a Schnucks on the Hill kind of St. Louisan?

The RFT is here to help.

My colleague Aimee Levitt has prepared the "RFT's Guide to Grocery Shopping in St. Louis", a handy flow chart that will lead you, via a few probing questions into your innermost food desires, to the St. Louis grocery store that most closely represents your true self.

(See a larger version of our grocery-store flowchart right here.)