Who Will Save Us from the Plastic Pen Invasion?

Nov 5, 2012 at 9:00 am
They're coming for your grill-marked chicken! - Image via
Image via
They're coming for your grill-marked chicken!

The plastic pens waited, biding their time, until America turned its weary attention to the final hours of the interminable campaign. Then -- THEN! -- they struck again.

In August, the plastic pens snuck into frozen bratwurst patties.

Now they've come for our grill-marked chicken-breast strips.

Via the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service comes the news that Decatur, Alabama-based Wayne Farms Inc. has recalled 28,528 pounds of frozen, cooked chicken that might be contaminated with pieces of a plastic pen.

Specifically, the plastic pen has infiltrated cases that contain thirty thirty-pound bags of the firm's "fully cooked grill marked white meat chicken strips".

Now, before you run to check the bag of fully cooked, grill-marked white-meat chicken strips in your freezer, know that, according to the USDA press release, Wayne sent these cases to a Kentucky plant for further processing "into potential retail products".

In other words, the reach of the plastic-pen scourge might be even farther than we know. Stay tuned.