Wild Turkey Wants You to Be Its Friend so It Can Flip You Off

Jun 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Go to Wild Turkey's website, and the bourbon brand practically begs you to be its friend on Facebook, just so it can give you the bird.

It's a part of a new not-safe-for-TV ad campaign with the catchphrase "Wild Turkey: Give 'em the Bird." But you have to be a friend on Facebook to see the videos and learn the new method of ordering Wild Turkey in your favorite bar.

That method includes short-handing Wild Turkey by flipping the bird, which probably won't cause any bar fights at all.

There's the hot chick flip-off.

The low-rent, Betty White knock-off version.

The homophobic version in which the producers were too cheap to change the gender language in the dialogue.

They also promise two more videos which their supposed attorneys have told them not to air. From our journalistic research, we can deduce that they involve the same dialogue, but with the guys being given the bird first by a blow-up doll and then by a nun.