Windcrest Dairy Greek-Style Yogurt

Windcrest Dairy Greek-style yogurt, drizzled with honey. - Robin Wheeler
Robin Wheeler
Windcrest Dairy Greek-style yogurt, drizzled with honey.

What's the expiration date on the last carton of yogurt you bought? If it's from Windcrest Dairy, chances are the hand-stamped date on the carton is about six weeks out. That's what happens when your yogurt was made an hour away from your house.

Windcrest Dairy (14898 Old Trenton Road, Trenton, Illinois; 618-224-7802) purports to be the only dairy in the Midwest that makes yogurt on its dairy farm, which certainly explains the extreme freshness of its low-fat Greek-style yogurt. Our carton has a best-by date of October 12. Not that we needed to see the date to know it was fresh; pulling the foil off of the carton and catching a whiff of the mild, creamy product conveyed that message just fine.

Like most commercial Greek yogurts, Windcrest's is concentrated, thick enough to cling to the spoon and hold its shape in the bowl. There's no yellowish liquid floating around the top. The mouthfeel isn't silky, though. There's a bit of a grain to it, just enough to give it some bite.

While it's adequately tart, there's no pucker to the yogurt, even without a drizzle of honey. On its own, it's mildly sour with a natural lactose sweetness that doesn't need extra flavorings. Add honey, and it's dessert.

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