World Cuppage: Argentina 2 - Greece 0; Figurative Feta at Anthonino's Taverna

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click to enlarge World Cuppage: Argentina 2 - Greece 0; Figurative Feta at Anthonino's Taverna
photos by Keegan Hamilton
The feta burger at Anthonino's Taverna is a delicious mess.

It comes sandwiched between two halves of baguette, slathered in tzatziki sauce and heaped with kalamata olives and feta cheese. A half-pound hamburger patty is cooked a perfect rosy pink in the center and it crumbles with every bite until it's just a loosely formed mash of ground beef. The sauce drips everywhere and olives and feta tumble out onto the plate with each bite, providing the perfect condiment for the massive heap of fries that's served with the dish.
The feta burger, sloppy as it is, pretty much symbolizes the type of soccer played by Greece against Argentina earlier this afternoon.

With their World Cup fate on the line, the Greek players couldn't make an accurate pass. They committed reckless penalties and talked trash with the officials and Argentinian players. They had precious few opportunities to score and couldn't convert on any of them.

Unlike the burger, it was tough to swallow.

The cook at Anthonino's, a Greek who later introduced himself as Chris, kept poking his head of the kitchen to check the score. Informed it was still 0-0 at halftime, he said with a shrug, "I'm amazed we made it this far."

It didn't last long. In the 77th minute, Argentina's Martin Demichelis zipped a close-range kick past Greece's goalkeeper. Moments earlier, the ball bounced off the hand of Argentina's Diego Milito. The refs missed the penalty that should have negated the first goal of the game.
By this time the lunch crowd had dissipated and Chis was alternating between standing behind the bar and craning his neck up to look at the TV and sitting in the dining room with the few other restaurant employees who seemed vaguely interested the game.

Watching the replay of the goal, he said "These guys screwed up the only two games I've cared about," referring, of course, to the crime against humanity that was the negated goal in the Slovenia-USA match.

Argentina scored again in the 89th minute (this time legitimately) and with South Korea finishing tied with Nigeria, the Greek hopes of advancing to the second round disappeared faster than my feta burger.
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