Yes We Can...Eat Beets

Jan 20, 2009 at 12:05 pm
Received a fantastic press release from Jim Fiala's Clayton restaurant the Crossing (7823 Forsyth Boulevard). I can't capture the brilliance, so I'll just reproduce it here:
Chef Jim Fiala of The Crossing Declares Today "Stand Up for Beets!" Day

(The Beet Goes On as St. Louis Beet Lovers Proclaim "Hail to the Chef!")

Chef Jim Fiala (fee-AH-la) of The Crossing restaurant in Clayton has proclaimed today, January 20th, as "Stand Up for Beets!" Day. Because (yes) he can!

And because our new president, who is a fan of many diverse foods, has said about beets: "I always avoid eating them." As Mr. Obama brings change to our nation, Jim Fiala would like to see him change his attitude towards beets.

Fiala says: "I invite President Obama to stop by The Crossing when he visits St. Louis and let us serve him our famous beet salad. I truly believe we can change his position on this important beets issue."

In honor of "Stand Up for Beets!" Day, all diners---regardless of political persuasion---who purchase dinner at The Crossing tonight will enjoy a free serving of The Crossing's Beet Salad.

President George H.W. Bush once sparked debate when he spoke of his dislike of broccoli. But now is the time for all Americans to reach across the dinner table in a show of unity, take a large bite of that nutritious purple produce and join chef Jim Fiala as he leads the chorus of those who say "you can't beat beets!"

The Crossing Beet Salad, made with goat cheese and pine nuts, has been a favorite menu item at The Crossing since it opened in 1998. The Crossing is located at 7823 Forsyth Boulevard in Clayton.