You Need to Tip Your Delivery Driver Like a MF During a Snowstorm

You Need to Tip Your Delivery Driver Like a MF During a Snowstorm
Jaime Lees

Pizza delivery drivers have always been the true heroes of any snow storm. And now we can add drivers for Postmates, DoorDash and Grubhub to the long list of people who will bring you things right to your door to keep you fed and happy when you’re stuck at home while the snow drops outside.

Yes, the plow drivers, highway patrol and EMS crews are also heroes, but it is their job to go out there and brave the terrible conditions in your service. It’s your pizza man’s job to bring you your pizza, but is not your pizza man’s job to navigate treacherous roads and risk his life to bring you your pizza. He doesn't get paid nearly enough for that. Don't make somebody else white-knuckle it all the way to your house with some food that you probably shouldn’t be eating, anyway.

If you're just chillin’ at home thinking about shoving huge amounts carbohydrates in your face-hole, there is one thing you need to know: If you decide that it’s too dangerous for you to go out driving, but you order up some 17-year-old to fight the elements on your behalf, you need to tip that kid like a MF.

You must be tipping your delivery drivers 100 percent during a snowstorm. At least. If your totally necessary order of chicken wings was $25, you should be tipping an additional $25. Just imagine that everything that you’re ordering costs double. And if your order is a little late, tip a little extra. That means your driver has been dealing with some shit.

And if you’re using an Uber or a Lyft during a snowstorm, the same rules apply. Don’t be a dick.

Please make it rain on all of our delivery and driving homies. They are true heroes.

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