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Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick? Nine Stick Foods Analyzed

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On Thursday, Bon Appetit's blog writer Michael Singer lovingly classified Los Angeles food photographer Matt Armendariz's new book, "On a Stick!" in their "Kookery" category. They also included Armendariz's recipe for Deep Fried Spaghetti on a Stick.

Was this necessary?

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Sure, it looks delicious. But do we really need to cram a stick in every single food? Originally food on a stick was about necessity - being able to eat on the go without dealing with utensils and mess. Not some misguided idea that being impaled makes foods tastier.

Deep Friend Spaghetti on a Stick, which might be tasty, looks like a portability nightmare. It should not be on a stick.

What other foods shouldn't be on sticks? And which ones are strokes of brilliance?

Hot Dog and Fries


Hot dogs are already portable, whether in a bun or corn dog form. So are fries. But eating both at the same time? Awkward. This French fry-breaded wiener gets a sticks up. Which means we like it.

Pie Pops


Much like trendy cake pops these teeny pies are totally necessary. Sure, you can have a cake ball or a tiny pie without a stick, but your hands will get all messy. And who wants to get messy while eating something so cute? Two sticks up!

Jimmy Dean's Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick

  • Wikiality

This isn't as bad as it sounds; nutritionally, it's not that different from a regular corn dog. But with chocolate chips. And for breakfast.

Okay, it's bad. But it's not apocalypse-bad. And this vegan makes a good point about some of the hypocrisy in the attitudes about gross frozen processed foods in a "leave Britney alone" way. One stick up for not being much worse than a corn dog. One down for being a frozen breakfast corn dog.

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